The bones play an important role in support, movement, and protection. The bones make a connection at different sites and form a joint. The foot and the ankle comprising the complex area containing bones, muscles, cartilage, and nerves. The joints of the foot and ankle proffer firmness and flexibility. The ankle joint makes a hinge joint with the foot that moves in up and down, and side to side direction. The foot can bear half of the weight of the body. Sometimes, the man got a fracture in the foot and ankle ranging from the hairline to the agonizing fracture. In such cases, the patient needs an ankle surgeon or a foot surgeon. There are many treatments to cure foot and ankle injuries, trauma, or any type of infection. In this regard, the foot andankle surgeons do their duty well.

The foot and ankle surgeons recommend foot surgery or ankle surgery if they observe the following symptoms:

Fraction, dislocation, torn cartilage, bone spur, arthritis, synovitis, and psoriatic arthritis.


Ankle Arthroscopy:

In this technique, the ankle surgeon uses the arthroscope to examine or repair the tissue around or inside the ankle. The arthroscope is a camera that gives details regarding the injury. It comprises the surgical tools and prevents the large incision regarding ankle surgery.

Ankle Replacement Surgery:

In this ankle surgery, the ankle surgeon replaced the damaged part of the ankle bone and knot the remaining tissues and bone with the screws and pins placing the metal plates. The healing period of the foot and ankle surgery in frankston ranging from 3 months to 1 year depending on taking a balanced diet, enjoying proper sleep, and doing exercise recommended by the physiotherapist.

Foot and Ankle fraction and dislocation treatment:

The foot consists of 26 bones and 33 joints. The treatment regarding foot injury may be conservative or a foot surgery has to be done depending upon the severity of the infection or injury. In the case of foot injuries, when one bone gets merged into the other, it causes severe pain, it may reposition by the physician’s hand otherwise, the open reduction is applied to it. On the other hand, the ankle consists of only 3 bones. The size of these bones is also small. Fortunately, the foot and the ankle can be replaced by a physician. The ankle surgeon or the foot surgeon is required only in a case when the foot or the ankle break at different sites.

Foot and ankle ligament and tendon reconstruction:

In this treatment, the foot and ankle surgeon repair or reconstruct the weak ligaments of the foot and ankle the purpose of the treatment involves the normal functioning of foot and ankle, it reduces the disability and improves the quality of the life. For further details visit our website

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